ABOUT Syntechlimited

Syntechlimited is one of the leading construction and gold company,our strategy is to create value for all shareholders and stakeholders,Improve operational performance continuously, fulfil promises without fail, and manage fatality risks at all times with strong leadership and processes to deliver exceptional operational execution. We do quality work in steel buildings, general contracting, and crane services.

Maintain a global portfolio of long-lived assets by increasing reserves, profits from exploration, profitable expansions, and investments that add value

Vision and Values

Our strategy is to oversee and complete exceptional projects that make our clients and their clients proud. Our reputation is still of utmost importance, and we take pride in the calibre of our projects. What makes us unique is that we use excellent construction to establish trust and enduring relationships.

Health and Safety

Maintaining a fatality, injury and illness free performance and culture by ensuring visible and caring leadership, fatality prevention and physical and mental wellbeing

Environmental, Social, and Governance

Achieving long-term competitive advantage through leading sustainability practices to enable business continuity and growth, support positive social transformation and create shared, long-term value for all our stakeholders